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18 Most Valuable Morgan Silver Dollar Worth Money

18 Most Valuable Morgan Silver Dollar Worth Money

Did you know that today the Morgan silver dollars are among the legal tender in the US? The quality of these coins varies, but which ones have the best value for money?

These coins were among the first silver dollars the US minted. It was after the Coinage Act of 1873. Morgan silver dollars were the normal coins for trade from 1878 to 1904 and in 2021.

Today, the coin’s treasury mint, the number of strikes the mint made that year, and its current state affect the value. If you own the uncirculated and proof versions, know they are rare.

Every collector would wish to have this coin on their list. So, to help you, here are the eighteen most valuable Morgan silver dollar coins in today’s market.

Most Valuable Morgan Silver Dollar

1. 1883-O Morgan Silver Dollar Branch Mint Cameo

1883-O Morgan Silver Dollar Branch Mint Cameo

Owning this coin in today’s market will make you the center of attraction. But why does it have a unique name from the rest of the Morgan silver coins?

Its name even makes it better and more valuable to miners and collectors. The New Orleans mint struck it for a historical reason. It was meant to celebrate the cotton industry.

Also, this coin honored the opening of Tulane University in Louisiana. So, it wasn’t meant to circulate but to remain a proof coin.

Only 12 pieces were available. Besides its rarity, collectors dig into their pockets to get it because of its beauty.

If you don’t want to sell it, keep the coin as a treasure. Below are more key details about this silver dollar.

  • The New Orleans mint struck it in 1894.
  • The best price is 270,000 USD.


2. The 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar Proof Coin

The 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar Proof Coin

The Philadelphia mint struck these coins. Owning any treasure can give you a huge profit per sale. But as for this coin, expect it to give you amazing profits.

People love to look for it because of its highest level of rarity. There were 12,000 coins that the Philadelphia Mint struck.

Also, proof Morgan dollar coins have an interesting past. The Philadelphia mint never meant to circulate them. Instead, they were gifts to the US leaders.

Today, collectors also value them because of their unique silver luster. If you aren’t rushing to get cash, you can keep it as a special treasure. Let’s have a look at the other key features of this gem.

  • The mint made them in 1895.
  • They go for at least 17,000 USD to 80,000 USD.


3. 1894 Unmarked Morgan Silver Dollar

Today, owning the unmarked version of the silver dollar will also give you a fortune in the market. You’ll be happier if you own the coin’s uncirculated and mint types.

These coins came from the Philadelphia mint. So, they had no letter marks. This aspect can draw many collectors to your side.

Also, the Pennsylvania mint only made 110,000 pieces. It means the coin has a high rarity today. Ensure you keep the gem well if you own it. Here are other facts about this silver dollar.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1894.
  • Prices start from 1200 USD to 45,250 USD.


4. 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

Coming from Carson City (CC), Nevada, the mint struck only 350,000 pieces. This rarity is what gives the coins the best price. The market has the coin’s uncirculated and mint versions, which have the highest value.

Since the mint made a few pieces, the coin today sells for more. In 2009, the coin sold for 280,000 USD during the Heritage Auctions.

Remember, the CC mint tested its coins for purity and value. Also, below are more details about the coin.

  • The Carson City mint struck them in 1889.
  • The price varies from at least 550 USD to 300,000 USD, depending on the current state.


5. 1892-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

The CC mint struck 1,352,000 pieces of this valuable. Remember, coins from the CC mint have a higher value. It’s because they have a high rarity and luster.

So, when the coin is in its best state, collectors run for it because of its silver purity. Also, if your coins range below the mint class, you can sell them to silver stackers.

You’ll enjoy the value of your 1892-CC silver dollar. Please have a look at the other crucial details of the silver dollar.

  • The CC mint struck them in 1892.
  • Its current price ranges from 35 USD to 125,000 USD.


6. 1879-CC Clear CC Morgan Silver Dollar

1879-CC Clear CC Morgan Silver Dollar

Only 756,000 pieces of this coin came from the CC mint. So, having it is like holding a valuable treasure.

Also, most collectors will value the coin based on the nature of the CC marks. Some have clear marks, while others have a double stamp.

Either way, the marks will give you a lot of money in today’s coin market. If you have the coin, keep it in the best state before selling it. Also, here are the other important features of the coin.

  • The CC mint struck them in 1879.
  • The value ranges from 150 USD to 38,000 USD.


7. 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar

1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar

This coin was one of the gems from the San Francisco mint. It’s one of the rarest because the mint only struck 100,000 pieces. So, if you have this coin, you hold a fortune in your hands.

When in their best state, the coins have an amazing satiny finish. It’s what makes many collectors value the coins. Other coins, in their best condition, have a thick mint luster.

Also, most collectors love it because of its rich history. 1893 was when over 4 million people lost jobs after the silver purchase clause of the 1890 Act. The following are the other key aspects to note about the coin:

  • The mint struck it in 1893.
  • Its market value ranges from 2430 USD to 500,000 USD.


8. 1879-S Morgan Silver Dollar, Reverse of 1878

1879-S Morgan Silver Dollar, Reverse of 1878

Expect this gem from the San Francisco mint to bring you more collectors. Remember, more buyers means you’ll have a chance to sell it at the best price.

These gems are valuable because they are rare and have a unique history. The mint only struck 500,000 pieces. So, treasure it because few people own it today.

The dollar coins were a reverse of the 1878-S versions. Here, the eagles appear flatter. It will interest more collectors, thus raising the value. Here are the rest of the important features of this ancient dollar.

  • The mint struck them in 1879.
  • Prices range from 32 USD to 6233 USD.


9. 1896-S Morgan Silver Dollar

1896-S Morgan Silver Dollar

If you have this coin in its best mint state, be ready to smile at the bank. The coin’s value doesn’t come from rarity but the silver quality.

Remember, the San Francisco mint struck the coins during a historical year. It was when Anna Williams married. Anna was the one whose image was on the coin’s obverse.

This piece of history attracts many collectors and miners to get the coin. If you have it in a fantastic state, you’ll have more bargaining power in the market. Here’s also what to expect about this valuable.

  • The San Francisco mint struck them in 1896.
  • Its lowest price is 61 USD, and the highest is around 402 000 USD.


10. 1884-S Morgan Silver Dollar

1884-S Morgan Silver Dollar

It’s another gem that the San Francisco mint made with quality silver. Here, the coin will become profitable to you, not because of its rarity but because of its silver quality. The mint struck 3.2 million pieces during its time.

Remember, the coin’s mint and uncirculated form have the best market price. But it shouldn’t worry you if you have the lower quality.

The 1884-S Morgan dollar can give you a great profit as a collector or a normal seller. Read on to see what else to note about these coins.

  • The mint struck them in 1884.
  • Prices range from 34 USD to 750,000 USD.


11. 1892-S Morgan Silver Dollar

1892-S Morgan Silver Dollar

This gem of a coin from the San Francisco mint is rich in history. The mint only struck 1,200,000 pieces for trade.

Though they are fairly easy to get today, the coins still give you a fortune. But if you have one in a mint state, you’ll attract the eyes of many collectors because of its beauty. So, you’ll have the upper hand in making a bargain.

Remember, getting this coin’s mint state in many auctions is rare. It makes the item more valuable if you keep it away from scratches. Also, below are the other main features of this silver dollar.

  • The mint struck them in 1892.
  • Prices range from 35 USD to 460 000 USD, from good to mint condition.


12. 1880-S Morgan Silver Dollar

1880-S Morgan Silver Dollar

The gem from the San Francisco mint is one of the unique coins. This coin has a flawless gold and violet patina that gives a perfect strike.

They are quite available on the market today. It’s because the mint struck around 8.9 million pieces to circulate.

So, because of the coin’s beauty, you’ll sell it for many dollars today. Also, you’ll have more power at the bargaining table as a seller if you have it in good condition. Take a look at the other crucial details about the coin.

  • The San Francisco mint struck them in 1880.
  • The coin’s best price is 162,000 USD.


13. 1878 “O Over S” Morgan Silver Dollar

1878 “O Over S” Morgan Silver Dollar

Coins with rare features will always give you attention and money. As for this coin, it’s in a class of its own regarding rarity. Remember, there’s no clear number for the total number of pieces the mint struck.

These coins were among the dies that the San Francisco mint struck with the mark “S” altered on the New Orleans’ “O.” The mark “S” appears inside the letter “O.”

So, with this uniqueness, which collector wouldn’t love to own such a unique coin? But that’s not all. Here is more about the collectible.

  • The San Francisco mint struck them in 1878.
  • You can sell them for 44 USD to 45,676 USD. It depends on the current state.


14. 1895-O Morgan Silver Dollar

1895-O Morgan Silver Dollar

The coin is the best for lovers of renowned history. It was the first coin that Wayne Miller plated in his textbook. Also, its best auction, while in a mint state, was by the Superior Galleries in 1986.

During its time, the New Orleans mint struck 450 000 pieces. It’s because the US government wanted many silver coins in a short time.

This coin may lack the best workmanship. But it’s rare to get it in the best state. Please read on to see more about the coin.

  • The New Orleans mint struck them in 1985.
  • Its value ranges from 30 USD to 575 USD, depending on the quality.


15. 1893-O Morgan Silver Dollar

1893-O Morgan Silver Dollar

This coin will make a fortune if you sell it to miners or collectors. It’s because they aren’t easy to find today and have high-quality silver.

The New Orleans mint struck only 300,000 pieces of this beautiful silver. This number was New Orleans’ lowest mintage.

So, having the coin in a mint or uncirculated state makes you more than a lucky person. Please look at what will make you value the coin more.

  • The mint first made them in 1893.
  • Their prices range from 200 USD to 115,000 USD.


16. 1887-O “7 Over 6” Early Morgan Silver Dollar

1887-O “7 Over 6” Early Morgan Silver Dollar

These coins will give you a huge profit because of their rare qualities. The New Orleans mint struck the coin’s 1887 date over 1886. Some parts of the number 6 are underlying at the bottom half of the 7.

Such aspects draw the eyes of both collectors and miners. Also, the coin’s silver taste is on an amazing level.

Keep such a coin well, for its fortune can save you some day. Here is more about the gem.

  • The mint struck them in 1887.
  • They have a value of 43 USD to 30 724 USD.


17. 1888-O Double-Die Obverse “Hot Lips”

1888-O Double-Die Obverse “Hot Lips”

Collectors and miners love ancient coins with beautiful errors. This coin has the double-die obverse error that collectors call “Hot Lips.” If it’s in proper condition, you’ll get a lot of money when you sell it.

Like any other New Orleans gem, this coin has a lower rarity level. Most of these coins are in the circulated state, while a few are in the mint state.

But if you own it, the hot lips coin is a special gem. Below are more amazing facts about this wonderful coin.

  • The New Orleans mint struck them from 1878-1921.
  • Its price starts at 129.25 USD.


18. 1897-O Morgan Silver Dollar

The New Orleans mint made about 4,000,000 pieces of this coin. It shows that it’s not that hard to get these coins today.

But still, most collectors and miners yearn to buy them. So, it carries great value despite having less rarity.

The coins have a high silver taste when in any state. Collectors who sell these coins in a mint or uncirculated state give them a high price. Also, here is what to expect from this 1897-O silver dollar.

  • The New Orleans mint struck them in 1897.
  • You can sell them from 29 USD to 348,000 USD.



The Morgan silver dollars honor US history and culture. They were the first to come in after the coinage act of 1873.

Since the mints struck them for a few decades, expect them to be rare in today’s coin market. Besides being rich in history, these coins carry much beauty.

Some, like the 1880-S, have a mix of gold and violet. It suits those who love the beauty of coins. Also, the proof coins are among the rarest pieces in US history.

So, among all these coins, which one would you pick as your best treasure? Please let us know your feedback, and we’ll be glad to get it.

Russ Hyatt

Sunday 17th of September 2023

I have a 1899 "O" Morgan Silver Dollar in very good to excellent shape. Can you give me an idea of what is worth?


Sunday 30th of April 2023

13 is mislabeled....1882 O/S

1 should be clarified.... commemorative minting of 12 pieces....

John Hendricks

Tuesday 28th of February 2023

I was thinking about selling my Morgan collection but I want to make sure I get the right price.


Thursday 9th of February 2023

I have 1878 7F no mint mark. Is it worth getting grading? If so what's cost of grading


Monday 23rd of January 2023

I have5 1921 Morgans no mint 3Morgon s1921. And1 Morgan D Morgan how much are they worth?