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16 Most Valuable Wheat Penny Errors In Circulation

16 Most Valuable Wheat Penny Errors In Circulation

Do you own any wheat penny you doubt is useless or a fortune? These coins are among the ones with the highest value in their best mint grades.

The errors vary from double die problems to steel cent striking mistakes by mints. All add value to any collector’s list.

Some coins are easy to find, while others are the rarest wheat pennies. Wheat pennies were a way to honor President Abraham Lincoln’s 100 anniversary.

Here, we will look at the most valuable wheat penny errors list. You’ll know if that wheat penny you got from your pocket change can make you rich.

Most Valuable Wheat Penny Errors List

1. 1943 Wheat Penny (Bronze Cent Strike)

1943 Wheat Penny (Bronze Cent Strike)

It’s the rarest and most valuable wheat penny with an error. It holds the record for the most expensive sale among the wheat pennies.

In 1943, the US gave up most of its copper to make weapons of war. So, the mints began using zinc-coated steel planchets to make the pennies.

Though it was strange, some remaining copper planchets slipped through the process. It led to the Philadelphia mint making bronze planchets. They were a mix of copper and steel.

Ever since that imperfection period, collectors have rated these coins at a high value. Also, beware of people who make fake versions of these precious pennies.

But checking if the 1943 penny is original isn’t hard. Keep reading to see more amazing facts about the coin.

  • The price record for the coin’s best mint state is 1.7 million USD.
  • You can also sell or buy them from 14,000 USD to 300,000 USD.
  • The Philadelphia mint struck these coins in 1943.


2. 1909-S Over Horizontal S Wheat Penny

1909-S Over Horizontal S Wheat Penny

It is the first version of the Lincoln wheat penny to have a repunch mistake. The workers at San Francisco mint punched the letters by hand.

Their work was perfect, but sometimes, they made mistakes like placing the letter in the wrong place. On this one, they first placed the S-mark on a horizontal side instead of a vertical one.

They then fixed this mistake, but the first “S” remnants are still present. This feature attracts most collectors and coin miners.

Once the coin is in a worn state, it will be tough to see the error. Also, the following are more facts about this coin:

  • The San Francisco mint struck the coins.
  • Its prices start from at least 80 USD to 400 USD, depending on the coin’s mint grade.


3. 1917 Wheat Penny (Double Die)

1917 Wheat Penny (Double Die)

You’ll see the coin’s double die error on the obverse. It came from two impressions made by the craftsmen as they were working on the die in the mint.

With this error, both doubled numbers and letters appear raised. These letters are “TRUST” and numbers.

Remember, the double dies are narrow. A 10X magnifying glass will help you view them.

The coin’s age makes it popular and rare among collectors. Here are more facts to note about the coins.

  • The products of the Philadelphia mint in 1917.
  • Their prices range from at least 160 USD to 240 USD, depending on the condition.


4. 1944 Wheat Penny (Steel Cent Strike)

1944 Wheat Penny (Steel Cent Strike)

This error coin interests most collectors because of its history. In 1944, US citizens had problems with steel pennies. So, the US went back to using the bronze alloy.

Like the bronze strike error, a few zinc-plated steel planchets slipped in production. The Philadelphia mint was also making zinc-plated steel coins for Belgium.

So, it was easy for the mistake to occur and give birth to this valuable coin. Below are more important facts about the penny that you should learn.

  • The Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver mints struck them in 1944.
  • As for 1944 from Philadelphia, its best mint state price is at least 50,000 USD.
  • The 1944 penny from the Denver mint, the best mint state price, is at least 60,000 USD.
  • The one from San Francisco has a price of at least 60,000 USD in its best mint state.


5. 1955 Lincoln Wheat Penny (Double Die)

1955 Lincoln Wheat Penny (Double Die)

The 1955 Lincoln wheat penny double die error is the most dramatic and widespread. The doubling is on the coin’s obverse.

It’s the date and the motto that have the doubling problem. Craftsmen flag off such errors before the coins begin to circulate. But as for this type, it circulated and became one of the collectors’ favorites.

Since most people like the coin, expect to find deceptive versions. Here are the other key facts about this amazing penny.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1955.
  • Their prices range from 500 USD to 2600 USD.


6. 1982-D Wheat Penny (Copper Small Date)

You’ll be lucky to get this wheat penny as a change in your pocket. The coin’s error entails the top of the numerals being aligned. Also, the bottoms of the numbers appear aligned.

Also, the Denver mint wasn’t supposed to make bronze Lincoln pennies in 1982. But there were leftover copper planchets that the mint struck with zinc to create this rare error.

It’s a coin with a high rarity. Every numismatist rates this coin because of the luster. Below are more facts about this penny.

  • The prices range from 10,000 USD to as high as 30,000 USD.
  • The Denver mint struck them in 1982.


7. 1983 Lincoln Wheat Penny (Double Die)

1983 Lincoln Wheat Penny (Double Die)

This coin has a double die error on the reverse. It’s an imperfection that involves the craftsmen striking the coin twice in the mint.

So, you’ll see that some lettering or numbers have overlapped. On this wheat penny, the error is in the lettering “ONE CENT.” Such an error attracts the interest of most collectors and miners.

Sometimes, it won’t be easy to note the double die error with your naked eyes. You’ll need a magnifying glass to show you the two layers of the words.

Also, coins are hard to get today. It shows that the coins have a high value. Here is more about these collectibles.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1983.
  • Their lowest price starts from 75 USD to 275 USD.


8. 1992-D Close AM Wheat Penny

It’s never easy to note this error on a wheat penny. Thus, it makes the coin more special and valuable. Here, on the coin’s reverse, you’ll see that the A and M letters are touching one another.

Sometimes, you may need a 10X magnifying glass to see this error. Such tiny details interest most collectors in going for these coins.

Remember, normal coins struck in 1992 have a tiny gap between the letters A and M. Below are more facts about these coins.

  • The Denver mint struck them in 1992.
  • The coins sell for at least 500 USD in their best mint state.


9. 1999 Wide AM Wheat Penny

Unlike the 1992-D wheat penny, this 1999 version from the Philadelphia mint has the opposite error on the reverse. Here, the letters A and M are wide.

The letters on normal wheat pennies are supposed to touch one another. It’s only the special proof coins that were to have a gap between the letters A and M.

So, it was a mistake for the craftsmen at the mint to strike the penny for normal circulation. This mistake has been a beauty for most collectors and miners.

You’d be lucky to have a coin with such flaws. Also, here are more facts about the coin.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1992.
  • Their prices range from 45 USD to 500 USD, depending on the mint grade.


10. 1972 Wheat Penny (Double Die)

1972 Wheat Penny (Double Die)

This 1972 wheat penny from the Philadelphia mint has the famous double die error. You’ll see this mistake on the coin’s obverse.

The errors are widespread in the letterings and date. It’s easy to note these imperfections. These open mistakes make the coin have a higher value.

Today, the coin is rare and of a high market price. It will give you much money if they are in a great state. Read on to see more facts about this wheat penny.

  • Its best price is at a record of 14,400 USD.
  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1972.


11. 2000 Wide AM Wheat Penny

2000 Wide AM Wheat Penny

It’s the latest wheat penny coin that the US mint struck. Like the 1999 wheat penny, this coin also has a wide gap error between the A and M letters on the reverse.

Also, the penny has the letters FG closer to the Lincoln memorial structure on the bottom left. These details should be on special proof coins, not the circulating ones.

Today, it’s easy to get 2000 pennies with this error. Here is more that you should know about the coins.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 2000.
  • Their prices start from at least 23 USD.


12. 1998 Wide AM Wheat Penny

1998 Wide AM Wheat Penny

Like the 1999 Philadelphia mint wheat penny, this coin has the error on the obverse. Its letters on the lettering “AMERICAN” are wide.

This mistake resulted from the mint using the special proof die to strike the regular coins. It’s different from the normal ones, which have a tiny space between A and M.

The error is common in a few pennies. But it won’t be hard to get this coin today.

So, expect to have a low market value. Here is more about these wheat pennies.

  • Their prices start from as low as 15 USD.
  • It’s a gem from the Philadelphia mint in 1998.


13. 1984 Lincoln Wheat penny (Double Ear)

1984 Lincoln Wheat penny (Double Ear)

With this unique error, expect this wheat penny to have a high demand and price. The error is on Lincoln’s full ear around the second earlobe. It’s present as a double-die fault.

The mistake makes the coin unique and rarer among the ancient currencies. It’s easy to see the error on the coin.

It’s the joy of every collector to have this coin, even if it’s rare. The following are more amazing facts about the coin.

  • You’ll buy or sell it for at least 230 USD in a good mint grade.
  • The Philadelphia mint made these coins.


14. 1995 Lincoln Wheat Penny (Double Die)

1995 Lincoln Wheat Penny (Double Die)

This wheat penny is another one with an interesting double-die error. The doubling is present on its layered lettering “Liberty” on the obverse.

Remember, you’ll need a magnifying glass to see the error. The coin fits the collectors seeking to fill their list of coins with doubling flaws.

Today, a bit easy to get these coins. It’s because they are one of the latest versions of wheat pennies. Philadelphia mint struck a few of them with this imperfection. Read on to see more about the coin.

  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1995.
  • Their price starts from 45 USD to 50 USD.


15. 1961-D Lincoln Wheat Penny (D Over Horizontal D)

1961-D Lincoln Wheat Penny (D Over Horizontal D)

Wheat pennies with such errors are rare to find. So, expect this coin to give you a great fortune from its sale.

This penny from Denver mint has the secondary D-mark more visible. It’s through the letter’s over-horizontal-D variation.

Among the Lincoln wheat penny series, this coin has the strongest repunch. It makes it a desire that most collectors wish to fulfill on their list.

Sometimes you may need a magnifying glass to see the error. However, it’s always to see it. Please take a look at the coin’s more details:

  • Its prices range from 10 USD to as high as 60 USD, depending on the mint state.
  • The coin is a product from Denver mint.


16. 1922-D Lincoln Wheat Penny (No Mint Mark)

1922-D Lincoln Wheat Penny (No Mint Mark)

Wheat pennies without a mint are also in high demand in the market. This 1922 wheat penny from Denver mint has this unique error.

Back then, collectors would have seen this mistake and flagged it. But since there was a fire at the Philadelphia mint, no correct Lincoln wheat pennies were available in 1922.

The error might have come from an attempt to fix a damaged die. In the process, a foreign object clogged the mint mark’s area.

This coin’s rarity makes it have more market value. Take a look at more information about this coin.

  • The Denver mint struck them in 1922.
  • Their prices range from 350 USD to 17,300 USD.



Most Lincoln wheat pennies are valuable to collectors and miners. These coins have unique errors that have a high rarity and price.

Due to their huge demand, there are fake versions in the market. So, if you are a collector, you be careful when buying coins.

Among the wheat pennies, 1943 with the bronze strike error is the most valuable. But if you have any other types, treasure them, for they have value.

So, does your wheat penny have any of the errors as the ones in this article? If it’s so, how much do you think is the value? Please let us hear from you.


Saturday 22nd of July 2023

Please help .... I cant find another single penny thats like mine anywhere online or in books either .

I just found a 1942 wheat penny in pretty good condition with no mint mark and it weighs 3.3 grams exactly and on the reverse its totally missing the first t in the word state . If its a 1 of a kind multiple error coin how much is it worth ?

Down below is the planchet I think my penny was struck on because of the 3.3 grams it weighs and my penny is slightly lighter in color when i put it next to other wheat pennys that are even a few years newer then it .

1942 Wheat Penny Struck on Ecuador 10 Centavo Planchet It makes sense that denomination sheets can get mixed up, but how do you stamp a coin on a foreign planchet? Nobody knows for sure, but striking a 1942 penny on an Ecuadorian coin is one way to hike its value. You can spot the coin by its weight – 3.3g instead of 3.11g. The coin is barely a VF 35, but the wrong planchet makes this 1-cent coin worth a whopping $1,800.

So if my penny is struck on an Ecuador 10 centavo planchet and it has no mint mark and its completely missing the first - t in the word ( state ) on the reverse of the coin. whats the value of it being a 1 of a kind error ungraded and if I get it graded how much more could that increase its value ?

Im just asking for a rough estimated value since I have nothing else to go off of thats even close to this coin...

Thanks in advance for helping me out. Ive never gotten a coin graded before . Any idea what it would possibly cost to get it graded and who i should do it threw ?

Ps . Ive only been searching threw coins for a few months now and ive been doing tons of research every time i search coins .so this is all pretty new to me and I appreciate any and all help i can get to guide me right .

Paul Tomlinson

Tuesday 27th of June 2023

I have a 1953s over s with a die chip in the 9 and also doubling, can't find anything like it anywhere, please help

Susie rednour

Monday 29th of May 2023

Half of these pennies you're showing are not wheat pennies.. my question is that I have a pile of 1944 wheat pennies and a couple are errors but tonight I find a 1950 no mint that looks like something was in the die when it was punched. As well as a 1953 error offstruck


Thursday 4th of May 2023

Wondering about the mint stamps on the older wheat pennies in the 1950s being close to the numbers of the years????


Thursday 20th of April 2023

I have a 1917 double die error penny.