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Nadex S540 Pro Coin Counter

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Nadex S540 Pro Coin Counter

Count American Coins

The Nadex S540 Pro is specially calibrated to count hard currency that circulates within the US. It can handle five denominations – pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars. It only counts American denominations though, so if you want to count foreign coins, they’d have to be the same size, metal composition, and dimension as US denominations, so Google them!

Separate Your Denominations

If you have a large batch of mixed coins, the Nadex S540 Pro can easily separate them into their denominations. It’s a fuss-free process. Just load the coins into the hopper and press start. The Nadex S540 Pro will divide the coins into their designated coin tubes or bins based on their face value. And it works fast too – you can count up to 300 mixed coins per minute!

Make Convenient Coin Rolls

With the Nadex S540, your coin rolls will rival any bank or dealership! It has five coin tubes, one for each denomination. And since it comes with 48 preformed coined wrappers, all you have to do is slip the paper into the tube and press start. The machine will automatically stop once the stack has reached completion and your coin roll is full. No more dropping coins!

Tally Your Coin Collection

You don’t always want to assemble rolls. Sometimes you just want to know how many coins you have. Dump everything into the hopper and the Nadex S540 Pro will divide the coin denominations, tell you how many coins you have each, give you the total coin count for all denominations, and spit out their total face value. These figures are displayed in LCD format.

Generous Coin Capacity

The Nadex S540 Pro has coin tubes for wrapping and coin bins for collection. Every coin bin holds a different denomination so you can fill the hopper with up to 2000 coins and sort:

  • 300 Pennies
  • 450 Nickels
  • 900 Dimes
  • 350 Quarters
  • 130 Dollars

Plus, your Nadex S540 Pro is the ultimate multitasker. You can count, sort, and wrap coins at the same time by setting some denominations to their designated bin and others to the tube.

Convenient and Portable

The compact, boxy shape of the Nadex S540 Pro means it easily blends into your studio or workspace. It weighs slightly over 11 lbs so you can easily carry it around. The convenient handle makes this process effortless. It’s comfortable on your palms and is sturdy enough that you won’t have to worry about dropping your Nadex S40 or damaging the equipment.

Precious Coin Protection

No more panic as you scuttle to grab a coin that slipped under furniture or rolled into the crowd! Your Nadex S540 Pro has an automated setting that stops counting once the coin bin is full. You don’t have to stress about overfilling the coin tray or overloading your tubes and rolls! You can even divide the coins into pre-assigned batches of, say 50, 100, or 200 coins!

2 reviews for Nadex S540 Pro Coin Counter

  1. Richard Rosenthal

    Business grade coin counter!!!Great!!!

  2. Samuel Larson

    This coin roller is great for the price. It did an amazing job!

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