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MUDOR Coin Collection Holder

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MUDOR Coin Collection Holder

Suitable for Beginners

The Mudor Coin Collection Holder Album is a simple entry-level coin album that’s ideal for first-time coin collectors. It’s easy to use and has a lightweight construction that’s portable and great for little hands – and larger ones too! It’s safe for kids over 10 months. But even as an adult that’s starting out in the coin field, the pocket-friendly price is perfect for your hobby.

Colorful and Stylish

The Mudor Coin Album comes in four vibrant colors to match your mood and personality. You can buy it in blue, green, red, or black. And unlike many items that charge more for popular colors, the Mudor Album has the same price point for all colors. Since the coin holder has no year or denomination, you can use different colors for different coin types.

Convenient Slots in Two Sizes

As we hinted above, many coin holders are made for a particular year, denomination, or style. This can be frustrating for newbie coin collectors since your album will have lots of gaps that add extra pressure. But the Mudor has unmarked slots in 30mm (1.18 inches) and 45mm (1.77 inches) so you can mix many coins, buttons, or medals in the same album!

Clear Design for Easy Viewing

Other coin albums have solid slots with the date and mint mark below, so they can be hard to maneuver. But the Mudor Coin Holder has see-through flaps so you can view both sides of the coin at a glance. The flaps make it easy to slip in your coins while preventing them from falling out or getting lost. The album has 8 pages of 30mm slots and 6 pages of 45mm slots.

Large Leak-Proof Design

With 14 pages in total, this coin holder carries up to 240 coins. And since the dates, mint marks, and denominations are not specified, you can mix coins from different years, designs, and nationalities to quickly fill your album and keep you motivated! The slots are made of environmentally-friendly acid-free PVC, making the album waterproof and easy to clean.

Sealed Seams for Added Protection

The coin slots in the Mudor Coin Collection Holder Album are individually heat-sealed to keep your coin secure. But keep in mind the slots are made of acid-free PVC which can affect coins, so don’t use this for high-value items. Also, the seals make the slots slightly smaller, so this holder is ideal for quarters, dimes, and pennies. It won’t quite fit half dollars or dollars.

Lightweight and Soft Touch

The Mudor Album is 8 inches long, 6 inches wide, and weighs less than 10 ounces. That leaves plenty of room for heavy coins so you can easily carry it around. The slots are soft and pleasant to the touch so you’ll enjoy the tactile pleasure of flipping through the pages. And since it’s acid-free PVC, you can wipe the album with a damp cloth to keep the dust away.

Mixed Coin Sizes, Tokens, and Medals

This album has 144 small slots that fit collectibles of up to 3cm in diameter (1.18 inches). The small-slot pages are arranged in grids of 6 coins by 4 coins, so that’s 24 coins per page. The album also has 96 large slots for coins and medals up to 4.5cm in diameter (1.77 inches). The large-slot pages are divided into grids of 3 coins by 4 coins, so every page can hold 12 items.

3 reviews for MUDOR Coin Collection Holder

  1. David V. Fulkerson

    great for my coins in the pockets

  2. Arthur A. Collins

    pockets for coins not as secure as I was hoping

  3. Nancy M. Wilson

    Nice to organize coins

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