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Elikliv EDM4S Coin Microscope for Error Coins

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Elikliv EDM4S Coin Microscope for Error Coins

Easy to Assemble

The Elikliv EDM4S comes in separate pieces but you can assemble it in minutes! It has an easy-to-follow instruction booklet and all the relevant parts and components are included. It even has multiple cables to plug it into a power source, connect the auxiliary lights, and link the microscope to your computer. You can use it as a standalone or link it to your computer.

Sturdy Frame and Strong Construction

Your coin microscope has a firm metal base with four foam feet to prevent it from wobbling or scratching work surfaces. The viewing arm is metal too, and the side lights have flexible plastic arms that can withstand multiple adjustments without fraying or breaking. The dials and components are made of tough plastic that can withstand rough handling, even by kids!

Multiple Screen Sizes

You can order the Elikliv EDM4S with a 4.3” or 10.1” screen. They both have 1080p displays and show the coin at a 45° angle. You can also connect the microscope to a Windows PC if you want an even bigger screen. To use it with your computer, plug in the USB cable and turn on the camera. This version doesn’t work with Mac computers though, just a heads up.

View, Snap, and Record

The main function of a coin microscope is to check for errors and authenticate your coins. But the Elikliv EDM4S goes further, allowing you to take 12MP photos and videos too! Press OK once for photos, or long-press to start a video and press again to stop the video feed. The microscope comes with a 32GB micro memory card so you can save your photos and videos.

Adjust Your Coin View

The microscope has a manual dial that allows you to choose the best magnification for your needs. These range from 50x to 1000x. Combine the magnification dial with the focus dial to get the best angles and zoom into any part of the coin. The visuals pop right onto the screen, but you can use the USB cable to display the images on your computer. It’s plug-and-play.

Auxiliary Light for Side Views

The Elikliv EDM4S has 8 powerful LED downlights built-in for a clear overhead view. But if you need angular lighting, try the two auxiliary lamps mounted on the sides. Their flexible cables have a 360° range to let you focus on specific sections of the coin. These auxiliary lights work in tandem and have a separate USB connector, so plug that in to activate them.

Go Digital or Analogue

This microscope can work in two modes – digital or manual – via the two USB ports at the back. The directions only mention one USB cable, but the box comes with two USB cables, so don’t panic! Plug one USB cable into a power source if you’d like to use the auxiliary lights.

Then plug the second USB cable into an outlet if you want to use your Elikliv EDM4S as a standalone manual microscope. If you want to use it as a digital microscope, plug the USB cable into your computer instead, then turn on your Windows camera app for digital mode.

3 reviews for Elikliv EDM4S Coin Microscope for Error Coins

  1. David Jimenez

    Easy to use. I will definitely be ordering the larger one just because I’m a geek like that! The small one is great for kids and beginner collectors of all ages or if your on a budget.

  2. Leslie Pratt

    Great Products, I like it.

  3. Dan Anderson

    Works as should nice microscope

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