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Coin Collecting Book for Beginners

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Coin Collecting for Beginners 2023

Jumpstart Your Coin Journey

You’ve probably seen online articles and news clips about people finding thousand-dollar coins in their spare change. And it may have inspired you to get into the business, both for pleasure and profit. But where do you begin? This book provides a clear, easy-to-follow guide that’s perfect for people who know nothing about coins. You’ll be a numismatist in no time!

Coin-Collecting 101

What do you want to know about coin collecting? You may be inexperienced, but this isn’t a children’s book, so it won’t make you feel patronized or out of your depth. It teaches you everything you need to know, plus some things you hadn’t even thought of! Learn the do’s and don’ts, necessary equipment, and which coins you should collect without overspending.

Straightforward and Unpretentious

When you think of coin collectors, you probably have a specific type of person in mind. That mental image may worry you. You might be concerned they won’t accept you, that you don’t know enough, or you won’t fit in. This book uses everyday language to offer practical advice and useful guidelines to give you confidence and make you feel at home in any coin space.

Learn the Lingo

Once you get into coin circles, you’ll hear lots of strange words that might intimidate you. But don’t worry. This book goes over the jargon from beginners to pros, so you’ll soon be familiar with the technical terms involved in numismatics – that’s the study of coins, tokens, medals, and sometimes paper currency. You’ll quickly become proficient in coin banter!

Identify Valuable Coins

While newspaper articles and YouTube clips are good at describing expensive coins, they don’t always tell you why one penny costs $2 while another sells for $200,000! This book goes over the history of pricy coins, telling you what years are important, which mint marks to look for, how to spot a fake coin, and even where to look for valuable investment pieces!

Sales Tips for Collectible Coins

As a beginner, it can be confusing to see a coin sell for $1,000 today then drop to $10 a few months later. What’s that about? Well, the price of a coin can change depending on demand, population, or even anniversary dates. So you have to know where and when to sell it, how to assess dealer’s fees, and whether commissions are valid. The book explains all this and more!

How to Care for Coins

Did you know cleaning coins can reduce their resale value? Or that touching it without gloves can affect specific coin features that collectors pay hundreds of dollars for? Or that certain types of plastic cases can damage the coin while others (e.g. sulfur-infused tissue paper for matte proofs) can accidentally tone the coin and add value? The book is full of tips like these!

Up-to-Date Information

If you search online for expensive coins, you’ll see some listed for up to $1M! But they don’t tell you those coins were sold twenty, thirty, or even fifty years ago, and some of them are barely worth $100 today! This book was published in September 2022 and updated in 2023. It has relevant contemporary information that accurately reflects the current coin market.

3 reviews for Coin Collecting Book for Beginners

  1. Frances D. Migliore

    I liked this guide, it helped me a lot to restore the coins in my collection

  2. Rhoda A. Costello

    Really good book for beginners.

  3. Kathy L. Lavallee

    For collectors it is a good book

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