Rob Paulsen sings “Yakko’s World”…again.

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  2. josh portillo

    hi rob i love your site and podcasts hope i can sign up still for your Voice acting coaching. i was super excited when i found your site via you mentioning it on twitter.i’ve been a major huge fan of yours since i was little and it’s been a life long goal and dream of mine to work in cartoons since i was it be animating or Voice acting or both.I’m 23 and have tried over and over to get into the biz but had no luck at all -_-. i have had jobs though drawing art for a series of kids books and this and that.Cartoons are a passion of mine and love them with ever fiber of my being.I’m hopeing with the help of your expertise in your classes or coaching,if i can still sign up that it will really help.I want to be able to bring that joy and happiness that you and so many other VA’s,cartoonists,etc bring to people of all ages and really be that positive influence in alot of people lives for years and years.That character that always makes them smile or laugh on there worstist days ,cheers them up and makes them feel better when down or going through something bad,and just being wacky.i also want to do this for a living because of my grandma she took me in when i was little and tought me everything!.she was an increidable artist and just a total riot.She was was so pure hearted to and honestly a living cartoon character herself.unfortunatly i never had the chance to repay her for everything shes has done for me and all that’s shes tought me and when she passed not to long ago i promised her i would someday by doing what we both loved and shared so much. watching cartoons and making not only each other but other people laugh as and having the positive vibe or influence in peoples lives.So i hope you can help me make a promise i made to a sweet old woman who tought me everything i know,by taking me under your wing.sensei rob lol ^_^. i wish you all the success in the world and love everything you do your the man! keep up the awesome work

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